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Chlamydial elementary bodies Courtesy of Dr. A Matsumoto

The comprehensive reference and education wiki on Chlamydia and the Chlamydiales


Everybody: Understandable authoritative health information on chlamydial genital tract infections, how to get tested for chlamydia, emerging DNA tests, and more. For practical information about STDs/STIs and STD testing visit https://stdtestoptions.info or http://www.iwannaknow.org.

Health professionals, students, scientists: Comprehensive, evidence-based reviews by Chlamydia specialists.

Contributors: Information for chlamydial research community contributors.

Keywords: Chlamydia, C. pneumoniae, C. trachomatis, Chlamydophila, Protochlamydia, Simkania, & all Chlamydiales. Covers chlamydial sexually transmitted genital eye & veterinary infection, pelvic inflammatory disease, trachoma, and heart disease.

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